Employee Mailing Labels

General Description

The Human Resources department generates employee mailing labels that can be used to send university business information to Tufts staff and faculty. The requesting department arranges for the labels to be attached to the mailing and delivered through campus mail.

Approval Guidelines

Mailing labels are provided for university business only. Some examples of university business include flyers for a lecture series or gallery exhibit or information on administrative processes. Label requests must be made by a Tufts employee. The Human Resources department reserves the right to approve, deny or limit use of this service.

How to Make a Request

Mailing labels are used when paper is preferred or required. When personalized copies are not necessary, it is beneficial to ask the mailroom to “stuff” department mailboxes. This takes a fraction of the time needed to sort labeled mail so the mailing is distributed sooner and costs less.

To request mailing labels, send an email to hr-LabelRequest@elist.tufts.edu. An IDR (Interdepartmental Requisition) for $25 per set of labels is required before labels will be produced. Advance notice of 2 to 3 days is required; turnaround times will vary and may be longer during the busiest times of year.

You may also request an Excel list of campus addresses so you may print your own labels. There is no charge for an Excel list.

The following information will be required on the online form:

  • Who is sending the mailing?
  • What is being sent? (for approval purposes)
  • Who is the audience for the mailing? Many mailings should be limited to a specific audience. The employee making the request must define the audience in the request email. Groups available for selection include:
    • Campus (Medford, Boston, or Grafton)
    • School/Division (Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Medical, Cummings, etc)
    • Employee type (faculty, staff, both, full-time only)
    • Supervisors (staff or faculty who supervise other employees)