Paycheck Services

Tufts employees are paid on a weekly (non-exempt staff, students, and union employees) or semi-monthly (exempt staff, faculty and students) pay cycle. The first paycheck is distributed as a paper check while the direct deposit banking information is verified by the bank. Once direct deposit is activated, most employees use the Employee Self Service system to obtain their payroll information.

All faculty and staff receive an Employee Self Service password within the first weeks of employment. Employees who can access university computing resources use the self service system to receive their payroll information. The HR Service Center will print a direct deposit notice and send it to the employee’s home for any employee who does not have access to university computing resources.

General Paycheck Information – Faculty and Staff

  • Tufts Support Services (TSS)  maintains the pay and deduction information that appears in Employee Self Service. Deductions for benefit programs, tax deductions, and general deductions such as parking or the Tufts Community Appeal are processed in Tufts Support Servies. If you have questions about these deductions, please contact Tufts Support Services at 7-7000 or TSS@Tufts.Edu.
  • At the University, direct deposit is a condition of hire. Direct deposit information can be changed at any time by completing a Direct Deposit Authorization form.
  • Pay dates are published on the payday calendars. The HR Service Center is available to answer any questions about paychecks.
  • Faculty and staff can sign up to receive an email notice which includes the date and amount of their direct deposit. Sign up in Employee Self Service by selecting “Payroll, Taxes and Salary” then “Notice of Deposit”.

Pay Notice Distribution – Student Employees

Student employees receive direct deposit information through eSEND, an electronic Statement of Earnings and Notice of Deposit, sent directly to the student’s email address. The email message includes the student’s gross pay, deductions, and the net amount of the deposit.

Student employee paychecks or direct deposit notices for new employees and those not in the eSEND program are distributed as follows:

  • Hourly paid students – notices are available at Student Service in Dowling Hall on the Medford Campus, the Bursars Office in Boston, and in the employing department in Grafton.
  • Semi-monthly contract student – notices are sent to the employing department

Students needing year to date wages or verification of employment should contact the Tufts Support Services at 7-7000 or TSS@Tufts.Edu.

Replacement Fees

In the event that a check is lost, not cashed for more than 90 days, or a stop payment is placed on the check, the HR Service Center will issue a replacement check. However, a $25 fee is charged for all replacement checks.

If a W2 is reprinted after April 15th of the current year or for a previous year, there will be a $25 replacement charge.