Time Entry Process

On-Line Time Entry through PeopleSoft
Many staff and student employees are paid on a weekly pay cycle. For these employees, work hours must be reported before the employee will be paid. Each department has one or more employees who is responsible to enter and submit this information through the University’s On-Line Time Entry System.

The On-Line Time Entry system allows authorized department staff (account application) to enter hours worked directly into the PeopleSoft Human Resources system. This system was designed to increase processing speed and give departments adequate time to submit data while minimizing the opportunity for error. Tufts Support Services (TSS) provides documentation and training to new users and is available to answer questions at any time.

A user enters a timekeeping location number to view the individuals paid in that timekeep. Users are able to change the earnings code and hours, and override the pay rate, deptID, and project/grant. The user confirms that it is “ok to pay”, and moves to the next person. A “Roster of Employees” in the timekeeping location is available as a second tab. When data entry is complete, a review of the Roster is a quick way to verify that employees are “ok to pay”. Once hours have been input and verified, the user submits the information to complete the process.

TSS creates the Time Entry pages during the payroll production process. These pages are generally available by Thursday afternoon and departments must submit hours by the following Tuesday afternoon. Reminder email messages are sent to timekeepers at these points. Schedule changes, if needed, are announced in advance.

The Time Entry System also includes an “inquire” panel that provides a “Roster of Active Employees” in that timekeep location. Both weekly paid non-exempt and semi-monthly paid exempt employees are included on this roster. This roster lists names and employee IDs and is available as a reference for Time Entry users.

Time Sheets
To assist departments in meeting the legal requirements to track hours worked for their non-exempt employees, TSS provides a timesheet form. Departments may choose to use this form or a form of their own design. These forms should be kept in the department for three years.

New Hire Timesheet
Newly hired employees will not show up immediately in the Time Entry System. A New Hire Timesheet is available to be used for these new staff or student employees. The New Hire Timesheet should be sent to TSS so the employee can receive timely pay for hours worked.

Record Retention
Please Note: University departments are responsible for maintaining the records of employee work hours. These records must be kept for three years.