Time Off Tracking

Time Off Tracking – Overview

To improve the information available to Tufts employees and track the cost associated with accrued vacation, the university is moving from department-based tracking of vacation and sick time to a centralized system to track vacation, sick and personal time for staff.

Currently, weekly paid staff report regular work hours and other time used including vacation, sick time, and personal days through the university’s Time Entry system. While time used is recorded, a balance of available time was not maintained in a central database. Semi-monthly paid employees did not record time off information in central systems at all.

With the new system:

  • Vacation and sick time balances will be collected from all schools and divisions and loaded into the system for participating employees
  • A monthly process will add vacation and sick time to these balances.  Accrued vacation will be credited on the 15th of each month; non-exempt sick time is added on an employee’s anniversary.
  • Departments will record time off for semi-monthly paid employees through a new Time Off Tracking process
  • Time off for weekly paid employees will continue to be reported through the Time Entry system, but will be subtracted from balances to maintain an ongoing record
  • Employees will have access to their vacation and sick time records through Employee Self Service
  • Time off will be tracked and reported in hours instead of days