Backup In-home Child and Adult Care Services

Tufts University has contracted with, to provide backup in-home child care and adult care. These services will be available during the day or evening, seven days/week. University employees are entitled to use a combined total of 20 days of backup care each calendar year through this program.

This benefit is designed to help you deal with a variety of circumstances related to caregiving that may interfere with your schedule. Anytime you have a gap in your family care arrangements, Parents in a Pinch will be there to assist you in giving care so you can work without worry.

Examples of how this benefit may help you:

  • When your caregiver, your spouse/partner, or your child is mildly ill
  • When your spouse/partner is recuperating from surgery and needs temporary care
  • During school vacations and holidays
  • When your parent needs assistance to attend a medical appointment – regardless of whether they live with you or across the country

To request services, please follow these easy steps:

  • Call toll-free at 855-781-1303 or log on to and identify yourself as a Tufts University employee.
  • Representatives are available Monday through Thursday, 7:00 AM EST to 8:00 PM EST; Friday, 7:00 AM EST to 5:00 PM EST; and Sunday, 5:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST.
  • At all other times, please leave a detailed message and a representative will call you back during regular office hours.

You will be charged the following rates for services:

  • The child care rate is $15.00 per hour.  You can pay the caregiver in cash or by check.
  • The adult care rate varies by care location and is $16.00 per hour in Massachusetts.  You can pay for adult care services with a credit card. Flyer
Adult Care Examples Flyer