Benefits FAQ


Q: How do I sign up for an MBTA monthly pass?

Please follow these instructions for ordering transit fare passes. (train, bus and other transit passes):

  1. Log on to the Crosby Benefit Systems website at
  2. Click on New User and follow the prompts on the screen. The site will guide you through the new user process. When prompted, enter your Tufts University Employee ID Number (located next to your picture on your ID card)and other requested information. Your email can be your work or personal email. This will become your “username” when you log on in the future.Please note: The critical data that we send to Crosby to authenticate your eligibility includes your date of birth, your employee identification number and your zip code (as recorded on your “home” address record in the Tufts University Self Service system (eServe).You must enter the zip code on file for you in the Tufts University Employee Self Service system (eServe).? Once registered, you can then login and update your address on the Crosby website BEFORE ordering your commuter/parking pass. To make the change, click on “My Account” in the commuter benefits ordering portion of the site.
  3. Once you have established your User Account, and are logged into the system, you will be taken to the “Lobby”. When at the Lobby, click on the red Commuter Benefits button which will then launch a new browser window.
  4. Once you are in the transit ordering window (you should see the Tufts University logo in the top left corner), follow the prompts or click “Transit Order” or “Parking Order” to place your order.


Q. Who do I contact if I forget my Tufts User ID and Password information?

To obtain your User ID or to reset your Password, please contact the Tufts Technology Support Center at (617) 627-3376 or via e-mail at

Q. Who should I call if I have specific questions regarding the benefit plans coverage?

You should contact the benefit carriers directly for specific benefit questions, such as plan details and network information. Benefit carrier information is on the HR Benefits website at You may also contact the TSS at 617 627 7000 or via e-mail at


Q: I thought we had three different dental plans, but your forms and website only talk about “Delta Dental USA.” Isn’t there a plan through the Dental School?

Tufts University offers one dental plan with three coverage tiers. The coverage “tiers” refer to what you pay out-of-pocket for services, and the reimbursement costs vary based on whether you seek services at the Tufts University Dental School OR if you seek services at another dental provider that accepts Delta Dental. If you have dental work done at the Dental School, you will pay a lower percentage out-of-pocket, and you may not have to pay a deductible. For more information, look under Dental Plans on our website.


Q. How will I receive reimbursement for the Fitness Benefit?

If you are enrolled in a health plan through the University for at least 4 months in a calendar year, the Fitness Reimbursement Benefit can save you up to $150 per calendar year ($300 per family per year for members age 18 and older) in health club membership fees. Recently the Fitness Reimbursement benefit was expanded to include studio and health-club-based exercise programs such as aerobics, cycling, yoga, Pilates, etc.   You can claim your Fitness Reimbursement Benefit after you:

(1)   belong to your health club for at least 4 months in a calendar year or

(2)   participate in at least 12 weeks of an exercise program(s) in a calendar year or

(3)   Attend a minimum of 24 exercise classes in a calendar year.

One Fitness Reimbursement Benefit claim per calendar year is allowed.  If eligible, you must complete a Fitness Reimbursement Form, which can be accessed on the Tufts University HR Benefits website.


Q: I signed up for MetLaw this year. How do I find a list of providers and how to use the plan?

You can call Hyatt Legal Plans (Metlaw) at (800) 821-6400or go to their website at


Q: I want to change my life insurance beneficiaries. How do I do that?

If you currently have a life insurance beneficiary listed on your EServe record proceed as follows:

  1. Go to:
    2.  Once logged in to Employee Self Service click on “Self Service” in the left menu
    3.  Click on “Benefits”
    4.  Click on “Insurance Summary” link
    5.  Click on blue “Life” link
    6.  Towards the bottom of the page it will display your current beneficiary allocations.
    7.  Click yellow Edit button to enter a % for an existing Dependent/Beneficiary
    8.  And/or click blue “Add a New Beneficiary” link to add someone new to the database.

If NO life insurance beneficiary is on File:

Employee must fax (email cannot contain DOB) the following beneficiary information at 617 627 7001
Name of Beneficiary
Relationship to Employee
DOB of Beneficiary

Q: I want to change my beneficiary to a trust, but online, I can only enter people.

1. Go to:
2.  Once logged in to Employee Self Service click on “Self Service” in the left menu
3.  Click on “Benefits”
4.  Click on “Insurance Summary” link
5.  Click on blue “Life” link
6. Click on yellow “Edit” box
7.  Click on “Add a Beneficiary” Link
8.  Insert the Trust name under the First/Last Name fields, “0’s” in the Social Security fields and if the Trust is in someone’s name, their date of birth and click on “Save”
9.  Click yellow Edit button to enter a 0% for an existing Dependent/Beneficiary and 100% Primary for the Trust and “Save”.


Q: I am on a leave of absence, how do I apply for Long Term Disability?

Once you are out on a medical leave of absence, you will show up on the HR Benefits monthly Leave of Absence report. When you have been out for 4 months, we notify Prudential that you are a “potential claimant” and you are sent a packet. Prudential will then do an intake call. If you do not want to file a claim, then let them know at that time. If you are unable or unsure if you can come back to work at the end of your 6 months, then fill out the paperwork, have your physician fill out his/her section and mail the paperwork back to Prudential. Prudential needs 1-2 months for processing; however, it can take longer if it is a complicated claim.

Q: How long can I be on LTD?

You can be on LTD until you are no longer considered disabled, OR you reach your retirement date (65, 66, or 67) as determined by Social Security; whichever comes first. If you are 60 or older when you go on LTD, there is a reduced schedule of benefits, with 12 months being the least amount of time on LTD. Please contact TSS at (617) 627-7000 or for further information.


Q. How do I find out if my doctors or hospital participate in the health plan?

You can access the benefit plans’ Provider Directories via the web or by calling one of the toll-free vendor phone numbers listed on this website.

Q. What is the difference between EPO/HMO and POS Plans?

An EPO and an HMO are plans that offer In-Network only coverage through a Primary Care Physician. Both are functionally identical. A POS Plan functions as an EPO or HMO for In-Network benefits, plus has Out-of-Network coverage that is subject to a deductible and co-insurance.

Q: Has my benefits enrollment information been sent to the carriers?

Generally, enrollment data is sent every Tuesday to our vendors. The timing of when your enrollment record is sent to the carriers will depend on when you complete your benefits enrollment online.

Q: When will I receive my health plan ID cards?

Once your enrollment information is received by the vendor, it takes approximately two weeks before you will receive you ID cards via USPS.


Q. How long do I have to make benefits elections?

You will have 31 days from your hire date or benefits-eligibilty date to enroll in your benefits online via employee self-service (eServe)


Q. Can I change my Health and Welfare Benefit elections at any time?

No, you may only make changes during Open Enrollment OR if you experience a Qualified Status Change (i.e. marriage, birth, divorce, death or spouse’s job change.). Please note: you must notify the Human Resources Benefits Office of any Qualified Status Changes within 31 days of the event.

Q: My spouse lost his/her job, and they were carrying our insurance, what do I need to do?

Please download and fill out the Qualified Status Change Form and list the names of everyone you need to put on your insurance through Tufts University at the bottom of the first page, along with a primary care physician affiliated with your medical plan for everyone. List your dependents’ Social Security Numbers on the top of the second page. We’ll also need a letter from your spouse’s employer, stating (a) who was covered, BY NAME; (b) what kind of coverage you had, such as medical, dental, and/or vision; and (c) what date that coverage ended. We will need this documentation provided within 31 days of that coverage end date.

Q. We just had a baby, how do I add him/her to my health insurance plans?

Congratulations! Please download and fill out the Qualified Status Change Form . Don’t worry about your baby’s Social Security Number for now; you can update it online through eServe once it is received. For supporting documentation, we will need a copy of the Statement of Birth from the hospital or a copy of the Birth Certificate. We will need this within 31 days of the birth.

Q. I just got married, how do I add my spouse to my insurance?

Congratulations! Please download and fill out the Qualified Status Change Form . If you’d like to put your spouse on your Tufts University insurance plans, please list their name, primary care physician, and Social Security Number where indicated. If you’d like to terminate your Tufts University insurance plans, please note “waive” on the form. Please also provide a copy of your marriage certificate as well.  You will need to provide the form and documentation within 31 days of your marriage.


Q: How much will it cost to continue health insurance if I retire?

If eligible, the cost is dependent upon your age and service upon retiring. Please contact the Human Resources Benefits Office to schedule a meeting to review your retiree health options.

Q: If I am enrolled in a health plan through Tufts University, can I continue with the same plan if I retire?

Yes, if you meet the eligibility requirements for the Retiree Health Plan and are under the age of 65, you can continue your coverage under the same health plan. However, if you are over age 65, you must select coverage through one of Tufts University’s over age 65 retiree health plans. Enrollment in Medicare A and B is required for participation.

Q: I am turning 65 and plan to continue working at the University. Do I need to enroll in Medicare B?

No, the University does not require that you elect Medicare B upon becoming eligible.

Q: If I retire, and elect continuation of coverage through the University, how do I pay for my health insurance since I will no longer be working?

We have a third party administrator, Crosby Benefits Systems, who handles the billing for the University.

Q: Once I retire from the University, will I be able to change health plans?

Yes, the University provides an annual open enrollment period for retirees, usually in late fall for an effective date of January 1 of the following year.


Q: I want to transfer my Retirement funds from TIAA-CREF to Fidelity (or vice versa), how do I do this?

You must contact the vendor to whom you are transferring the funds. They will send you the paperwork. Fidelity Investments:(800)343-0860 TIAA-CREF:(800)842-2776

Q: What is the maximum amount I can contribute to the 403(b) plan for 2014?

For calendar year 2014, the maximum is $17,500. If you are over 50 years of age you may contribute $22,500. If you contributed to another retirement plan this calendar year, you should contact the Human Resources Benefits Office to confirm your maximum for the current year.


Q. I’m leaving the University. What happens to my benefits?

Generally, your University benefits end on your last day of work. This happens automatically, and you don’t need to do anything. If you have specific questions, you can call Tufts Support Services at (617) 627-7000. Otherwise, you will receive a letter within two weeks of your termination date that explains this process in further detail.

Q: I have health insurance through Tufts University and am leaving .  However, I need to keep my health insurance for awhile. Can I do that?

Yes, you can retain your health insurance coverage through COBRA up to 18 months after leaving Tufts University. You will receive information about COBRA from Crosby Benefit Systems, our third-party administrator, within 2 weeks of your termination date.

Q: Will there be a gap in coverage if I have to wait up to two weeks?

No, there won’t be a gap in coverage. Once payment has been received, COBRA is retroactively effective to your termination date. If you need to seek medical services in the meantime, let your doctor’s billing office know that you’re enrolling in COBRA through your former employer and ask if they can bill in a week or two.


Q. Are annual eye exams available through the health plans?

Yes, one routine annual eye exam is covered. If elected, EyeMed Vision Care will also provide an annual exam, discounts on frames, lenses, contact lenses and laser correction with low out- of-pocket expenses.

Q. I signed up for health insurance and vision insurance. What is the difference in the benefits I receive through my health plan vs. the Eyemed plan?

Your health plan provides you with one eye exam per year, plus certain discounts on frames, lenses, etc. that the health plan determines. The EyeMed plan is a discount program that provides you with one eye exam per year, along with discounts on frames, lenses, etc. Specific information is available on the Tufts University under “Vison Plan”.

Q. I thought my exam co-pay through EyeMed was $10, but the clinic charged me $15, and I didn’t get the discounts listed on your website.

If you’re enrolled in Tufts Health Plan, please be advised that they administer their own vision benefits through EyeMed as well. If you did not present your EyeMed Vision Care member card at the time when services were provided, it is likely that they billed you as a member of your health plan instead. Please contact the service provider office for further assistance on your claim.