Commuter Benefit Program

(Administered by Crosby Benefit Systems, Inc)

Train, bus, subway, vanpool, parking at the train station – however employees ride, the Commuter Benefits Program (sponsored by Tufts University and administered by Crosby Benefit Systems, Inc) provides the ability to pay for eligible commuting costs through automatic, pre-tax payroll deductions. All it takes is a quick online order to get a pass “recharged” or delivered to the home every month. Boston employees receive a 25% discount towards the purchase of bus, train, commuter rail, or commuter boat MBTA passes (up to $40 per month).

Pre-Tax Monthly Limits
The IRS recently announced new pre-tax limits for Commuter Benefits (Transit and Parking).

  • Parking Pre-Tax Limit for 2016 is $255 per month
  • Transit/Vanpool Limit for 2016 is $255 per month


If you have any questions about your Commuter Benefit programs please contact Crosby Benefit Systems at 800-462-2235 or In addition you may contact the TSS at 617-627-7000.