Health Advocate – New Benefit

Effective October 26, 2015

Health Advocate, a new personalized healthcare service offered to benefits eligible employees, their spouses/domestic partners, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law. Health Advocate is designed to help handle healthcare and insurance-related issues by cutting through the red tape and barriers that so often create frustration and problems. The Health Advocate benefit is provided by Tufts University, at no cost, to you and your eligible family members.

You will have an advocate at your side

With Health Advocate, you will have access to a Personal Health Advocate, typically a registered nurse, supported by medical directors and benefits and claims specialists. You will have the confidence of knowing that the entire Health Advocate team is working on your behalf to help you and represent your needs.

Here is just a sample of the many services you now have readily available to you with Health Advocate:

How to Reach Health Advocate

Telephone: 866-695-8622

Please note that Health Advocate does not provide health insurance or medical coverage. Their program is not a substitute for your current health insurance plan. Rather, Health Advocate complements your basic health coverage by facilitating your interaction with healthcare providers, insurers and helps you maximize your benefits when encountered with a concern.