Long Term Disability Plan

This program, administered by Prudential Insurance Company of America, provides financial protection in an amount equal to 40% or 60% of your basic monthly earnings to a maximum monthly benefit of $12,000. Because you pay for your LTD benefits with post tax dollars, benefits are tax-free.

  • Benefits begin after 180 days of disability.
  • Benefit Duration: For disabilities beginning prior to age 60, benefits are payable to your normal Social Security Retirement Age. For disabilities beginning after age 60, benefits are pro-rated to age 70 with a minimum duration of 12 months.
  • Enhanced benefits include a Conversion provision and a Critical Illness benefit:

– Conversion means that you can convert your coverage to an individual policy if you leave the University for other employment.

– Critical Illness benefits pay an additional amount for certain conditions. See the Benefits Office or your description of benefits for additional details.

Pre-existing Condition Limitation

A pre-existing condition limitation will apply during your first year on the plan or when you increase your coverage. If you received treatment, consultation, care or services; took prescription medication or had medications prescribed or had symptoms or conditions that would cause a reasonably prudent person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment in the three (3) months before your insurance or any increase in the amount of insurance takes effect, Prudential will not cover you if you become disabled from a disability that results from such pre-existing condition for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months from the date your insurance or your increased amount takes effect. After the twelve (12) month waiting period, a pre-existing condition(s) would be covered per the standard Prudential policy.

Coverage Type

  • The 40% coverage level rate is $0.247 per $100 of earnings
  • The 60% coverage level rate is $0.579 per $100 of earnings


  • LTD 40 – $30,000/$100.00 x $0.247/12 = $ 6.18 per month
  • LTD 60 – $30,000/$100.00 x $0.579/12 = $14.48 per month
  • LTD 40 – $50,000/$100.00 x $0.247/12 = $10.29 per month
  • LTD 60 – $50,000/$100.00 X $0.579/12 = $24.13 per month