New Hire Benefits Enrollment Information

Your Guide to Tufts University Benefits!

Eligible Employees:

  • an exempt or non-exempt employee regularly scheduled to work 17.5 hours or more a week, with a minimum 90 days employment period; or
  • a faculty member with at least a half time (as determined by the academic department), two semester appointment

With the exception of the 401(a) Basic Retirement Plan and the 403(b) Voluntary Retirement Plan, you must enroll in the university’s benefit plans within 31 days of the date when you are first eligible for benefits.

Your elections with respect to Health, Dental, Vision, Flexible Spending Accounts, Life Insurance, AD&D, and Long Term Disability insurance will be effective your date of hire or the date you become newly benefits eligible. When you enroll in the Health, Dental or Vision Plans, you may elect individual, two-person, or family coverage.

If you do not enroll within 31 days of the date you are first eligible, you will not be able to enroll until the next open enrollment, unless you experience a Qualified Status Change event.

Note: If you are not actively at work on the date coverage takes effect, coverage for you and your eligible dependents is delayed until you return to active employment. This is also true for changes in coverage, so that a change in coverage generally will not be effective until a return to active employment status. However, if you are not actively at work due to a health condition, you will be treated as actively at work for purposes of all group health benefits.

Please review all benefit plan options and costs carefully before making enrollment decisions for you and your eligible family members.