Retirement Health and Dental Plans

Thinking of retiring?

Tufts University offers eligible employees and their eligible dependents a choice of health plan options and dental coverage upon retirement. This webpage is designed to provide you with information about these benefits and it allows you easy access to research and review the choice of health/dental plans and the vendor websites.

Three months prior to retiring, we recommend that you contact Tufts Support Services at (617) 627-7000 to request information regarding your eligibility and retiree health and dental options.

Retiree Eligibility Criteria:

You are eligible to participate in the Retiree Health and/or Dental Plan if, at retirement:

  1. You are at least age 60 and have 5 or more years of service with Tufts University; or
  2. Your age plus years of service with Tufts University equals at least 75 and
  3. You (and your eligible dependents) have been enrolled in a Tufts University health plan for the 12 months prior to your retirement date.

Note: Only benefit eligible service will be counted towards years of service.

Additional Information

Click here for information on the health plans if you’re age 65 and over
Click here for information on the health plans if you’re under age 65
Click here for information on the dental plan for all ages of retirees