Tuition Remission

Eligible employees may take a course(s) or pursue a degree or certificate program at Tufts University. In addition, eligible spouses, qualified domestic partners, and dependents may participate in this program.

All eligible employees and their eligible dependents interested in taking classes at Tufts University, under the guidelines of the Tuition Remission Policy, must do the following:

  1. Complete the Employee Tuition Remission Benefit Application Form (required every semester.)
    A note to first time applicants: Additional documents are required for first time eligible dependent applicants (see application form for details.)
  2. Send the completed Employee Tuition Remission Benefit Application Form with the required signatures to Student Services via email:
    (see application form for enrollment, add/drop deadlines.)

The Employee Tuition Remission Benefit Application Form must always be submitted to cover the tuition charge on the bill (fees are not covered). In some cases additional steps are required to register for courses. (see application form for details.)

For questions regarding Registration, Tuition and Billing contact Student Services via email: or phone: 617-627-7000.

Tax Exclusion (applies to employees only)
Employees with a bachelor’s degree who enroll in any Combined UG/Graduate level course (class # higher than 99) are automatically enrolled in the Graduate level of the course by Student Services.

Employees seeking tax exclusion from graduate level courses which they claim to be job-related must submit a completed Tuition Remission Tax Exclusion Form (see pg. 4 of Employee Tuition Remission Benefit Application Form) and send it to Student Services along with their completed Tuition Remission Application form (pg. 1). This form (and a copy of course descriptions) is required for TSS approval in order to be excluded from any tax liability.

QDP / Spouse Taxation
All courses taken by a qualified domestic partner and graduate level courses taken by a spouse are taxable to the employee. Please review the Taxation Guidelines to understand the impact of Federal/State taxes of this benefit.

For questions regarding eligibility or taxation contact Tufts Support Services via email
or phone: 617-627-7000.

The information and links on this page provide a brief overview of the Tuition Remission Program.

If there are any inconsistencies between the information provided on this site and the plan’s legal documents,
the latter will always govern.