Tuition Remission FAQ

Q: As an employee, if I take a graduate level course at Tufts is the cost of the course taxable?

A: Graduate courses for employees are excluded from Federal and State taxes if the course is considered job related under IRC ?132(f). You must submit a completed Tax Exclusion Form to Human Resources prior to taking the class in order for it to be considered job related.

Non Job Related Graduate courses for employees are 100% State taxable but are excluded from Federal taxes up to $5,250.00 per calendar year. Review the Taxation Guidelines for more information.

Q: If my child is accepted into the Bachelors Dual Degree Program with the Museum of Fine Arts, is that degree covered under the Tuition Remission Program?

A: This Tuition Remission program is limited to one bachelor’s degree and excludes extra tuition incurred because of dual bachelor’s degree programs or 5 year bachelor’s / master’s programs.


Q: Where do I submit the forms once I complete them?

A: Regardless of where you take the class, please forward the completed Application Form with the required signatures, to:

Student Services Desk
Dowling Hall
Medford, MA 02155

Forward all completed Tax Exclusion Forms to:

Tufts Support Services
62R Talbot Avenue
Somerville, MA 02144

Q: Are there restrictions on the numbers of classes I can take?

A: Yes, full time employees may take up to 2 classes per semester. Part time employees can take 1 course per semester. For a description on the numbers of classes dependents can take review the Plan Guide.