Staff Compensation @ Tufts – An Overview

Tufts Compensation group supports the mission and goals of the university by establishing and implementing fair, equitable, competitive and creative compensation programs and practices for Tufts non-faculty staff.

The Compensation staff administer Tufts @Work (see @Work Guidebook) compensation program which includes the annual merit review process and other pay programs designed to reward employees for growth in job responsibilities or a one time achievement.

To help Tufts maintain competitive salaries, compensation staff:

  • Respond to managers requests for salary reviews and work creatively with managers to anticipate and respond to pay issues.
  • Participate in salary market surveys and review results to keep Tufts salaries competitive with defined external competitors and fair in relation to each other across the university.
  • Work with hiring managers and HR Representatives to set appropriate hiring ranges for vacant positions and salaries for new hires.
  • Analyze overall economic trends and work with university financial managers in setting Tufts annual merit budget.
  • Establish salary band and zone ranges each fiscal year.

In addition to administering salaries, the compensation group is responsible for:

  • Approving all staff job titles in accordance with internal guidelines.
  • Classifying positions as exempt (salaried) or non-exempt (hourly) in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Ensuring university compliance with other wage and hour laws and regulations.
  • Providing on going training to managers and staff.
  • Providing guidance and advice on writing job descriptions.