Pay Opportunities

Pay Opportunities in Tufts Compensation Program

Tufts BroadBand system provides opportunities for salary growth based on changing markets, change in a position’s responsibilities, or professional growth of an individual within a position.

Managers who identify a need to review the salary of a position or individual in the position are encouraged to contact a member of our Compensation staff prior to beginning the formal process. Our staff will provide feedback and advice on how to proceed

These salary changes affect an employee’s BASE SALARY:

Type Purpose Key Features Implementation
PROGRESSION Recognizes significant development of competencies or
increase in responsibilities.
  • Provides for salary movement
    within current job
  • Band and zone remain the same
  • Not an annual event
  • Proposed by manager
  • May require either a written memo or a new Job Description
  • Reviewed by school/division Senior Administrator in consultation with Human Resources
PROMOTION Changes in current position result in movement to a higher band or zone
Employee moves into another job in a higher band or zone
  • Represents a major change in role and responsibility
  • Pay increase depends on extent of change, market for position, and budget
  • Manager submits revised Job Description for review and approval by Senior Administrator and Human Resources Compensation Staff
  • Individual applies for and is hired for another position in a higher band or zone
MARKET Maintains competitive position between the external market and Tufts salaries
  • Based on review of data from relevant market surveys
  • Compensation staff monitors salaries on an ongoing basis
  • Manager and Senior Administrator may request ad-hoc review

At times, it may be appropriate to propose a one-time payment for an employee to recognize a special achievement. Lump sum awards are not included in an employee’s base salary.

Type Purpose Key Features Implementation
LUMP SUM BONUS Rewards one-time event or achievement that is beyond the normal scope or expectations for the position

Examples of situations include:

  • Completion of a special project
  • Extraordinary customer service
  • Implementation of an idea that results in cost savings, revenue generation, or improved efficiency
  • Proposed by manager to Senior Administrator
  • Payments under $1,000 or 2% of base salary approved at division level; proposals above this guideline are submitted to Human Resources for further review

Tufts uses an annual merit pay and performance review process to provide monetary recognition for prior year’s performance. Subject to financial considerations, a yearly budget is developed and used to reward most employees with a merit pay increase. Managers are expected to distribute merit pay based on performance and to operate within the annual merit spending budget. Merit pay helps Tufts maintain staff salaries that are competitive with the external market.

Type Purpose Key Features Implementation
MERIT PAY Rewards performance over the past year
  • Employee must meet or exceed performance
  • Pay increase related to performance
  • Overall merit budget set according to competitive market and the university’s financial situation
  • Typically conducted near the end of a fiscal year
  • Manager conducts performance review and recommends increase
  • Increases reviewed by school/division Senior Administrator
  • New salaries implemented at start of fiscal year
  • Individual must be employed by April 1 to be eligible