HR/Training, Learning & Development

Training, Learning & Development (TL&D) is dedicated to building capacity in individuals and organizations so they are continually equipped with outstanding competencies and processes to meet the goals of their divisions/schools and support the vision of the university.

We do this through customized organizational development work that includes assessment, diagnosis, design, development, implementation, evaluation and reinforcement.? We also provide training and development opportunities for individuals to support skill building in management practices, Tufts Performance Development Program and the Tufts leadership and organizational competencies.

The individuals we support are primarily staff employees at all levels, i.e. senior leaders, directors, first and mid-level managers, exempt individual contributors and non-exempt individual contributors. Increasingly, TL&D supports faculty managers, i.e. Chairs, Center Directors, in the management part of their roles.

The organizations we support sit within every school and division on all three campuses and range from projects for a small work unit to major systemic initiatives across a school.

By focusing in our work on the goals of the organization we develop programs and processes that increase individuals and departments contributions and ability to achieve their goals. We consider the work we do beneficial to the success of Tufts goals.