Tufts Organizational Competencies

Competencies are knowledge, skills, and behaviors that all employees are responsible to develop and apply in support of the university’s mission, values, and goals.

Tufts Organizational Competencies

  • reflect the values and vision of the university
  • describe behaviors that are important for individual success at Tufts today
  • anticipate what will be required for the university’s success in the future.

The Tufts Organizational Competencies are:

Demonstrate essential skills for a position • Share expertise • Support others in learning and skill building • Show pride in work • Commit to ongoing professional development

Interaction with Others
Demonstrate requisite communication skills • Be open to different viewpoints • Show respect for others • Collaborate on joint projects and decisions • Give and receive candid and helpful feedback

Continuous Improvement
Contribute to measurable improvement made in systems or processes  • Develop system efficiency • Value innovation and creativity • Commit to generating new solutions and ideas

Customer Focus
Pay attention to and focus on customer satisfaction • Develop effective and appropriate relationships with customers • Anticipate and meet the needs of both internal and external customers

Resourcefulness and Results
Work effectively in a variety of situations • Demonstrate good work habits, flexibility, creativity, and initiative • Use multiple resources to achieve desired results • Seek input and assess risks when making decisions • Take action • Commit to getting things done

Model desired behaviors • Act as a catalyst for change through positive energy • Articulate goals and objectives and their value