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Your Health Coverage

Tufts University offers a variety of health plan options for eligible retirees. You may find a complete summary plan description of the university’s retiree health insurance program on AccessTufts.

Health Plans for Retirees Under the Age of 65

Each October, you will be contacted by EPBA, our retiree health plan administrator,  regarding health plan options for the next calendar year. The Open Enrollment Period will be the same as for active Tufts employees—usually in November of each year.

Health Plans for Retirees Age 65 and Over

If you retired before age 65 and opted out of the under-65 health plan, you can participate in the plan for retirees age 65 and older if you contact ViaBenefits at 844-353-0772 within 31 days of your 65th birthday.

Medicare Open Enrollment with ViaBenefits is October 15 to December 7 each year. You will be contacted by ViaBenefits with a reminder each fall. Please always keep your contact information with ViaBenefits current for this reason.


You need to enroll in Medicare three months before your 65th birthday or your separation from the university to ensure there is no gap in your health coverage. Remember that if you are enrolled in a Tufts University-sponsored health plan for active employees, you have your own special enrollment period when you retire, even if it is later than your 65th birthday. 

Medicare Resources

Eligibility for a University Contribution to Health Insurance

You are eligible to participate in the Tufts University Retiree Health plan if you are age 60 or older with 5 years of eligible service, or if the sum of your age and eligible service equals 75 at the time of retirement. If you were hired before January 1, 1994, you are eligible for a university contribution under the Retiree Health Plan. Each October, updated contribution amounts for the next calendar year will be available through ViaBenefits and EBPA, our retiree health plan administrators.

Moving, Travel and Your Health Plan

There may be implications for your health plan if you spend a good part of the year travelling or move outside of New England. Please check with your health plan for how this may affect your health coverage.